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Default Re: Samsung color wheel vs LED lighting

Set your video to "Cinema" or "Custom" (anything but "VIVID"!)

Thenm, for personal calibration (not using a specific calibration disc, the service menu and a photometer), you can use a blue filter (order from THX website) and the THX setup routine on some DVD's (Finding Nemo is one of many). Use the screens to set contrast, brightness, tint and color.

Usually the color is still a *bit* too intense after a cursory blue-filter calibration, so knock that back a few more clicks.

Then, finally tweak the "color" saturation: you can then go watch some golf and some non-colorized movies (e.g. Chick flicks are usually not colorized at all, while "Matrix" is intentionally greenish) and using your own arm (assuming your Caucasian), set flesh tones to a natural color (not neon pink as they are from the factory).

Do a search on AVSForum dot com for "Steaming Rat" method of color saturation tweaking... interesting reading.

I bought a Sypder2 meter, and using the free HCFR software and some research on AVSforum, was able to accurately calibrate my Samsung DLP HLS and HLT RPTV's to AMAZING pictures... still amazes me every time I put in a Blu-Ray movie...

My HLT calibration thread, specifically:
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