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Smile Sharp Aquos LC37D62U

I've been looking for a 37" LCD or Plasma for my bedroom for several months & finally decided on the Sharp Aquos LC37D62U.

I went looking at plasmas & LCD's & they all looked pretty good with HD signals so I made the sales guy turn all of them to a SD station.
Much to my surprise they all looked like crap!!
I looked at about 20 LCD's & plasmas ranging from $1000-$3500 in price & 32"-55" in size & 720p-1080i & 1080p resolutions.

I was obviously prejudiced by my 70 XBR2 rear projection which has what I thought was a pretty good SD picture.
I don't know if Rear projections just do SD better or what but compared to what I saw today mine has a great SD pic!!

What I quickly learned is you can't be upclose to any of the Plasma & LCD sets, you have to compaire them at your normal viewing distance.
For me that was 8'-10'.
SD pictures that were a blocky mess at 2' actually looked pretty good at 10' & HD pics that were just OK upclose looked great at 10'.

The new 37" Sharp in 1080p was just just a bit more than the 720p sets & when the dealer knocked $300 off sticker I figured I'd give it a shot.
Also I couldn't see getting a 720p set when I already had a 1080p source with the PS3.

I went home & hooked it up to my DirecTV HR20.
Through HDMI the SD was noticably better than the s-video connection the store was using.
The HD pics are very good, from the Planet Earth on Discovery HD to prime time network TV.
While not exactly 3-D it was a very good picture.

I'm a tough critic, before this Sharp I had a 50" Sony XBR1 & my current 70" XBR2.
IMO these 2 sets have the best HD pictures you can get for under $10,000 & even better than some $10K+ sets, so the Sharp had a lot of work ahead of it to impress me!

Would I want the 37" Sharp as my main Home theatre TV? No, but from what I saw at the stores I wouldn't want any mid priced LCD or plasma for that, I'll stick to my rear projection XBR2 for that.

The LC-37D62U is a very good bedroom TV however, if your watching it from 8'-10' the SD isn't bad & the HD is very good, if your real close to it (3'-5') you will be disappointed in the PQ.

I will continue to tweak it some more but within the limitations I mentioned I would recommend this set to a friend.

One more thing, how can a TV have a sleep timer but no clock???
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