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If you want to buy a musical PC then these may be useful to him/her. Just check it out. Thanks ...

1.fine tune the system:
enable the least services.
install the least programs.

2.Lower the power consumption:
use high performance low voltage CPU.
use lower voltage DRAM.
Use integrated GPU.
3.use the lowest latency DRAM timing.

4.Mitigate vibration:
Fanless PSU or external PSU
no fan in the case
take HDD outside the case

5.choose a good case:
consider vibration and shielding

6.get a RAMdrive and put your file inside to playback.

7.Use professional software to playback. (fine tune the software is required)

8.Software upsampling is a good idea.
playback after converted.
don't use realtime plug-in
professional standalone software yield good result.
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