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Default "Dropouts" on commercial CD playback

Last year, I bought a Cambridge Audio 640Cv2 player, which has performed perfectly until recently, when I began to hear
"dropouts" during playback of commercial CD's. These would occur at different places on the same disc, & sometimes not at all.
I always make sure that the disc is free of surface dust particles before placing it in the player, so I doubt that's the problem. Both the dealer & the service company believe that it is a problem with either the laser pickup, servo, or spindle. According to the service personnel, this problem is not all that uncommon across CD players of different makes & models, & can be remedied
by replacing the transport. I have a friend that recently spent a good deal more on a NAIM CD player, & had an issue with that also.
Has this happened to anyone out there? (My player is still under mfg warranty, so it's not a huge issue, but I'm curious to know
how common this really is.)
Thanx for listening...
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