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Default Help me decide...Plasma/LCD-LED

I want to get a new TV, I have a 5 year old Samsung Plasma 42 inch TV that is 720. I want to move up to a 46 or a 50 and I want 1080 to get the most out of our HD cable and Blu-Ray. I am trying to decide between getting another Plasma or getting an LCD-LED tv. I am totally on the fence and I cannot make a decision. I have gone to our local Best Buy and looked at the TVs, the LCD-LEDs have such a clear crisp picture compared to the Plasma on display but it that just the calibration at the store? Are thy trying to push the LCD-LED tvs? The LED-LCD tv looks brighter as well, again is that just the calibration?

The TVs I am looking at are below, a Samsung LCD and a Panasonic Plasma. I have never owner a Panasonic TV before but I understand they are on par with the high end Pioneer Plasmas because Panasonic now has many of the Pioneer engineers working for them.

I want to get a TV but I cannot decide, any help anyone has will be greatly appreciated.

Samsung LCD-LED $1299

Panisonic Plasma $1099
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