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Default kef 105.2 for sale

if anyone intrested i can email some pictures. they sound great but are in need of some tlc nothing wrong with speakers just need a re paint and speaker covers need some attention.

Model 105.2 Benefits
At any volume output up to concert hall level, Model 105.2 offers realistic and accurate reproduction of the input signal and a remarkable stereo perspective over a wide area.
Model 105.2 comfortably handles the bursts of peak power essential to realistically reproduce the dynamic range of any musical instrument. Even when using amplifiers of up to 200 Watts capable of delivering the full short-duration dynamic range captured by modern recording techniques, the system cannot be damaged. A unique self-powered protection device ensures that short peak power input levels, excessive or thermal overload, cannot destroy vital components or impair calibration.
Every Model 105.4 employs a 25mm soft dome tweeter with a 110mm mid range unit located in separate enclosures, and one 300mm bass units combined through a complex 19 element dividing network.
The bass unit is arranged to work over the lower part of the frequency range ensuring reduced distortion and power handling capability.
To obtain an even distribution of sound, a filter system progressively reduces the output of the lower bass unit (above 20Hz) so that at the crossover frequency to the mid range unit.
The close tolerance needed to realise the full potential of the Model 105.2 design are maintained in production by a unique computerised matching procedure so that every pair of Model 105.2’s is matched in sensitivity and frequency response to within 1dB of the original laboratory prototypes.
A new bass loading technique resolves the problems of the complex interaction between electrical, mechanical and acoustic characteristics to achieve greater efficiency than an infinite baffle and better transient performance than a reflex enclosure.
The head assembly may be adjusted vertically and horizontally to direct the optimum response achieved within a listening window 40º wide and 10º high to the desired listening position. An indicator light is used to identify the best listening area.
A self-powered electronic circuit called S-STOP protects the loudspeaker from the effects of any accidental overload, and automatically re-connects the full input signal only when the overload is removed.
Model 105.2 incorporates a peak level indicator pre-set to correspond with the rated output of a 200 Watt amplifier. Should the dynamic range of the input signal make excessive demands on the capability of the amplifier such that ‘clipping’ and audible distortion may occur, the indicator will light.

An awesome pair of speakers that sound stunning with a wide range of hi-fi systems - wide open midrange, full bottom end and smooth top end.

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