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Default New system - thoughts?

First, thank you very much for your assistance. It looks like you get these types of posts all the time. So again, thank you.

I currently have the Bose 321 all in one system that my wife bought me for Christmas a few years back. I have never had a dedicated receiver with 5.1 surround sound system.

I have had two companies come to my home and have received suggestions and quotes regarding their proposals. I have performed a lot of research on the web and have been reading around on the forum. Any help/suggestions regarding the speakers and receiver options described below, or suggestions for other brands, would be much appreciated.

I am located in Clarkston, MI. I live in a large condo (4 unit building). My wife would like things to look clean and I am concerned about bleeding into the neighbors, so I want to make sure in-wall speakers are well protected on the back side.

The room is roughly 550 square feet. I will be going with a 63 inch samsung plasma on the wall. I have had a 50 for awhile and love it.

I watch movies and sports. My main goal is clarity. I rarely listen to music and will never want a system that pounds music. My goal on spending is middle of the road, and thinking about high end (depending on the cost). I would like to spend around 10K (for tv/speakers/receiver/install).

Proposal #1 H T USA Solutions:
Sonance Cinema in-wall LCR1 (x3)
Sonance Cinema SUR1- Surround sound speakers (x2)
Sonance Cinema A800D Sub (x1)
--> Total speaker cost = $4025
Denon AVR-3311 Surround receiver ($840)

Proposal #2 Audio Video Alternatives:
Episode ES-500-ICSURR-6 in ceiling surround (x2 @ $215 each)
Episode ES-700-IWLCR-5 in wall (x3 @ $525 each)
Gallo TR-1 Black 10" sub (x1 @ $495)
Integra DTR 30.2 receiver @ $745

PSB CW262, CW60R Subseries1 speaker system instead of Episode/Gallo system for $450 additional charge.

I have also had a guy offer the same denon receiver with Monitor Audio surround speakers/sub.

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.
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