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Default Humans will need two Earths by 2030 – end of the world? 2012?

Thedeepsilence - A recent report warns that, Humans are overusing the resources of the planet and will need two Earths by the year 2030. The Living Planet Report tells that the demands on natural resources have doubled in the past 50 years and now outstripping what the Earth can provide by more than half.

According the Daily Mail report, the wildlife in tropical countries is also in danger and the population of species has fallen by 60 percent in the past three decades.

If everyone lived such a lifestyle, humans would need 2.75 planets to survive, it warned.

The authors of this study analyzed 8000 populations of 2500 species and studied the change in land use and water consumption across the globe. Britain comes 31st in a list of countries on the basis of their ‘ecological footprint’ – the amount of land and sea each person needs to provide the food, clothes and other products they consume and to absorb the carbon dioxide they emit.
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