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My experience with Meridian

Had Yamaha, Denon , Lexicon now Meridian . My first Meridian was 568.2 processor then two 557 one 556 power amps .1 m33centre Changed processor for G68j. what an upgrade! More dynamic, open and more air. Changed my Dynaudio speakers to Dali, another big difference. Sounds a lot more open and detailed. Compared my 598dvd with a lot of cd players. Marantz, Arcam, Naim, the Naim cd player was £4000 then power supply £3000 tried it both ways. No comparison with 598. The 598 sounded far better in my system more air and more detailed. Tried G98dvd just a little quieter background than 598 not worth changing it. I run my front speakers with two 557-power amps on each speaker in mono. 1000 watts to each speaker. Then I tried dsp speakers.dsp 3100 dsp5500 dsp5200 I did not like them, not as open or as dynamic or detailed . The bass was all over the place with the dsp 5500. I think it must be the ribbon tweeters on the Dali speakers that make them so open the sound is so good I have heard systems costing 3, 4and 5 times the price that donít sound as good as mine. For home cinema and music there is not much out there that will touch Meridian. I had ps3 for blue ray, sold it and got the Sony bdp.s1es blue ray player, absolutely fantastic. Uncompressed pcm and dtsHD 5.1 Analogue sounds 5 to 10% better than normal ac3 and dts throw the digital cable. And I just found out I can reconfigure my other analogue inputs for another 5.1 analogue inputs on the G68j. Fantastic I think I will get the Toshiba HD player for Christmas. I tried 7.1 in my living room but it didnít work for me so I will just stick to 5.1. While I am on the subject, for HDMI switching on my processor I donít need it.
This is just my two cents.

System meridian G68j 598dvd, 2 557, 1 556 power amps, m33center, Sony blue ray bdps1es, Sony pearl 1080p projector. Grndview cyber series 16.9 8-foot electric screen. Panasonic 42in 1080p plasma TV. Front Dali helicon 400, Dali in wall back speakers, Snell ps10sub, Chord signature cables all round. X-box 360HD add on. And ISOTEK power supply and cables. Installed it all my self.
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