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Default Re: DVD-A Available Again: Read About BSM Now

Originally Posted by timbre4 View Post
Give these factors, I have downgraded my BSM DVD-A expectations. I don't believe we'll see any new DVD-A title announcements before the end of 2007.

Thankfully, Porcupine Tree's DVD-A for Fear Of A Blank Planet has been pre-ordered for October delivery to ease the frustration of this situation.
It certainly seems as if the "return on investment" forecasts for future DVD-A productions are not enticing enough for major labels to produce any new titles.

At the same time, there is a lot of money being spent (by hardware AND software companies) on the "possibility" that millions of people are going to buy HD-DVD players for their homes and automobiles.

So... maybe... just maybe... somebody is gonna wise up to the opportunity to diversify the HD catalog, to include Hi-Rez "music-only" discs.

How about Led Zeppelin II, as an HD Music Disc?

* Re-mastered 2.0 and re-mixed 5.1 music tracks, in UNCOMPRESSED 24/96 !!
* On-screen album liner notes/artwork, plus previously unavailable photos from the original sessions
* Bonus HD Video clips that are not available on any full-length HD-DVD release
* Backward compatible with ALL DVD players in the known universe

Anybody wanna buy one?

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