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Unhappy Re: DVD-A Available Again: Read About BSM Now

Realism on

We did witness a flurry of activity a few weeks ago which prompted me to post about it optimistically here and elsewhere. I was one of the DVD-A fanatics that posted, prodded, pleaded for months to register keen interest and help the process along.

Never mistake activity for momentum. Here's what I know today:

1. Vinyl remains their first priority.

2. The players seem willing to do whatever they can, but almost never respond directly to suggestions or comments.

This site is driven by the efforts of two people with full-time WB gigs and should not be misconstrued as a companywide endorsement by Warner of the DVD-A format.

3. Existing DVD-A titles offered are likely items that they could secure sufficient quantities for. It was a hasty effort to get DVD-A fans off their backs for a while.

Request list submitted (ELP, Donald Fagen, etc) goes unfulfilled at this time presumably because it would require new production runs.

4. They lack resources to address shopping cart / item bugs, rendering 50% of their items impossible to order at this time.

Give these factors, I have downgraded my BSM DVD-A expectations. I don't believe we'll see any new DVD-A title announcements before the end of 2007.

Thankfully, Porcupine Tree's DVD-A for Fear Of A Blank Planet has been pre-ordered for October delivery to ease the frustration of this situation.
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