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Default Which player?

I think i could use a little help here.

Christmas is coming closer and i think about finally getting into vinyl again.
Online i was looking at a pro-ject rpm 1.3 but i was warned multiple times that this one may be very difficult to set up for a beginner,
my local dealer also told me this, but nobody mentioned any details.
How hard can it be? That's what i ask myself right now.
But my local dealer also pointed me to a different model by project, a essential premium,
which would cost about the same since it got a ortofon 2m blue on it, the rpm comes with a 2m red.
Between those two i find a debut 3 in countless variations.
I guess a thorens td 158 also is within my reach. Is there maybe one other i really need to look at?
What can (or can't) i expect in that price range? (about 300)

I don't have many good LP's, i got some since i always wanted another player, and still got a lot of old used up ones from the 80's,
but that's not enough to justify spending 1000+ i hope you understand that.
Dunno if it's somehow important, but it will be exclusively used with headphones, a sennheiser hd650 to be more specific,
later maybe a hd800.

Any thoughts or questions?
I'm rather clueless but i guess you noticed that.
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