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Wink CEDIA highlights

Well, CEDIA is up an running and so far the new toys are incredible.

Meridian demo'd their $2,995 table radio, the F80 in a room that I kid you not was at least 25'x40' with 20' ceilings.... As Jerry, Andrew and I sat in the back of the room discussing the price (we had forgotten) I sort of jokingly said if it fills this room, it's worth anything they charge. Seconds later when the demo began I first pulled my jaw off the floor then my foot out of my mouth! Not only did it fill the room, it sounded great! This is a truly unbelievable little system and something that quite simply floored me with it's ability... I've seen full system's that couldn't have filled that room, for a little table radio to do it was amazing. I think Jerry ordered two on the spot! If I had a spot for one, I'd have ordered one too!

Video rules at CEDIA and there is no shortage here again this year. Planar was demoing some new 1080p LCDís and projectors that were all pretty amazing for the price point. Pioneer has the new Kuro line out and I must say the 1080p 60Ē plasma looked awesome and might just be coming to my bedroom soon if I can sell the wife one it! They were also demoing their new TOL receiver with 7x200 wpc of digital amplifiers (or you can run it as 10x140!) that offers six to two HDMI switching with the second HDMI independent of the first!!! This will allow you to use the second HDMI out for a second zone, to my knowledge this is the first pre/pro/receiver to do this (BTW the amp section is actually a small piece of the bottom that slides into itís own little rack mount system)

Canton has just released an updated version of the Vento line (which I still use for my reference) and a new Chronos line falling in the middle of there line that looks very interesting. I hope to get them both for review here soon.

On a different note, the butt ugliest theater chairs are here as well, I kid you not these must have come from Elvisí dreams to be so tacky! Zebra fur and plaid with matching paid touch panel housings! I might have to post picís just so you can see how bad these are!

Sony has debuted new projectors and have there XBR4 and XBR5 lines on display as well as a thinner 70Ē RPTV, didnít have time to see there demo yet but we will and will post later.
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