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Default Re: Blu-ray superseded by digital downloads, says Microsoft executive

I own both an XBOX 360 (which used to have an external HD-DVD player) and a Sony Playstation 3.

Guess which unit gets powered up almost daily? Yup, the PS3 so we can watch Blu-Ray movies. Guess which one, then, gets games bought for it? Yup, the PS3. Why put money into games for the XBOX360 which doesn't even get powered up much these days?

Guess which one has wireless built in? Yup, the PS3. The Xbox360 wireless dongle retails for a wallet-gouging $99 (!). You might find it cheaper for $60, but why even that much??? (I used a $20 router as a wireless access point, but most people don't know how to do that)

Guess which one can now play 3D movies with the recent firmware upgrade? Yup, PS3.

Guess which one can stream Netflix movies without an additional monthly Gold membership? Yup. PS3.

Guess which one has very advanced HD video control settings for calibration, etc.? Yup. PS3.

Why M$ has chosen to hamstring their flagship gaming rig is beyond me... but in my particular case, it has cost Microsoft over $500 in games NOT purchased in the XBOX format.

Hmmm. Which business model is smarter? In my humble opinion, NOT Micro$oft's.

Here's my plan to get M$ back on track:

1) External Blu-Ray player accessory
2) New 360's with a Blu-Ray players ... wholesale these are cheap nowadays
3) Eliminate Gold Membership requirements completely. Just open up the flood-gates for users to actual USE their product to its full potential. They will reward M$ 10-fold with other purchases.
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