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Default Re: Inflation For Luxury Goods Skyrockets

"Inflation" can be linked to overpricing, and it seems to me the most flagrant price gouging is found in the interconnect and speaker cable industry. There are probably more multi-millionaires among cable company owners than in any other audio or video field. I don't begrudge them their wealth, so long as it's borne of earnest entreprenurial endeavor and product pricing commensurate with material content and manufacturing costs. But how can some companies justify speaker cables that cost more than a good car, and interconnects that should be locked in a safe when not in use? I blame gullible consumers who succumb to fanciful claims of technological "advances" offered by cable companies in specious justification of stratospheric prices for successive "top of the line" product introductions. I also fault equipment "reveiwers" who's fawning over the product under review is, more often than not, proportionate to that product's cost. How many times have we witnessed a reviewer proclaim "I have a new reference, the mega-buck speaker cables from XXX that blow away the half-mega-buck cables I've been using." That's usually followed by an editorial note such as: "Of course, I can't afford these on my syndicated reviewer's budget, but they'll be my reference as long as XXX lets me keep them." And then we gullible lemmings kavetch over how we can beg, borrow or steal the money to ascend to the new reference, while the cable company owner is ordering his new Ferrari. For my money, Mogami is good enough for the vast majority of recording studios in the world, and it's good enough for me. But beware, lemmings, its pricing is only commensurate with its material content and construction, so it might not be good enough for the "audiophile" in you. It's funny, though, that none of my golden-eared friends have detected that I've replaced my half-mega-buck reference cables with "the cheap stuff." They're probably wondering how I managed to get the new, mega-buck standard. But I still can't afford a Ferrari. Perhaps I'll start a cable company.
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