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Default PC to Projector - 40' apart

Iím in the process of trying to hook my PC to my projector and thought to make things easier to run I would do this by Running RCA Cables. I bought a converter that converts VGA to RCA (the converter has one yellow RCA and it also has a S-video connection) for some reason it does not recognizing the PC. I have tried this with smaller RCA cables as well and still nothing.

This is the plug I bought

Did I get the wrong thing? This is an older PC so I guess it could be the Video card.

I have two of these converts and have even tried running them back to my monitor and it still will not work.

Iím thinking about just buying a 50í VGA cable, but with the thicker end it will make thing a pain to run, I donít have a lot of room.

how would you run it?
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