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Default Having issues PC to Audio

Iím trying to hook my PC to my stereo using a converter from Audio Jack to RCA cable. The problem Iím having is Iím getting a lot of back ground noise, load humming.

I have 2 different types of this converter and both are the same.


My sound card does not support any other type of out puts. Is there a better way to hook this up?

Is there a USB to RCA. I have seen the USB 5.1 or 7.1 but they too are the Audio jacks out puts and donít want to buy something else and have the same issue.

I have looked at other sound cards that have the 4 to 6 channels with the 4-5 colored input/outputs, but I donít know what I need to hook that to my receiver. It is an older model and only has RCA Jacks for input.
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