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Smile Re: jvc hd z56rx5 dark patches

I have a JVC LCOS TV, Model HD-P61R1U. After four years of operation, blotches began to appear on the screen and the picture and color appeared dull even after a lamp replacement. I carefully removed the front screen panel by taking all the screws out accessed from the rear. Care must be taken to support the panel as it will drop downwards as the final screws are removed. Also, a plastic wiring connector behind the panel must be detached before the panel can be removed. I carefully vacuumed all the dust accumulation out of the cavity. You must be diligent and cautious in doing this to avoild any damage to the wiring, etc. Then, I used a microfiber cloth moistened with purified water and carefully wiped the large mirror at the rear of the cavity. Do this three times using a clean moistened cloth each time. Likewise, wipe the round glass lens at the center base of the cavity three times. Lastly carefully wipe the rear surface of the screen panel three times. A darkish residue was evident on the first cleaning and diminished with each cleaning. Depending on the amount of residue, more than three cleaning may be required. Following cleaning, reconnect the panel wiring and reattach the panel with all the screws previously removed. The end result of this cleaning process was astonishing. The blotches were gone and the picture was brilliant and clear; the colors were vibrant. In my estimation, picture quality was better than when I first used the TV. While this procedure was specific for my unit, I believe that it can be applied in most cases using care and discretion.
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