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Default Re: Blu-ray superseded by digital downloads, says Microsoft executive

There is a place for the Blu-ray now and will be for several years. While I agree with the issue of there not being enough homes with high speed internet to cause Blu-ray to come to an end anytime soon, in the long run I do think it is a transition format.

With the fairly new IPTV providers (FIOS and U-verse) they deliver really good, albeit not Blu-ray quality, movie streams now. I have U-verse and the quality is of a level for me that I don't use my Blu-ray or my HD-DVD discs much any more. I have been making my movie collection via my Hauppauge 1212 HD-PVR Video Capture device instead of renting or buying. Yeah I have to wait a month or so, but if I really want it when the discs come out it is only $6 for PPV.

Also on there is a Hauppauge HD PVR Review. Check it out.
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