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Default Fiire Offers Media Solution For Wire-Free Control Of Flat Panel HDTVs

Fiire, the leader in Smart Home technology, announced the launch of its latest FiireStation product, dubbed FiireStation 1, a one-inch thick media connection for the FiireEngine that hides behind a plasma or LCD TV, and offers full media control without the clutter of a cable box and wires.

“With flat-screen televisions going mainstream, consumers want to get rid of the bulky, external cable boxes and wires,” said Jeff Laughlin, Director of Sales for Fiire. “FiireStation 1 solves that problem by offering a thin, easily hidden and quiet media connection that fits cleanly behind almost any flat-screen TV without compromising on all the qualities consumers want: quality display, music and movie playback, home automation control using Z-Wave®, and much more.”

The FiireStation 1 is fan-free and vent-free, and includes no local hard drive, offering consumers a reliable, noise-free experience. The installation creates a visually unobtrusive display with no external boxes and provides access to the following services:

• HD Video playback
• Full advanced PVR capability
• Z-Wave-enabled Smart Home control facilities for lighting, HVAC, irrigation, and other home systems
• Security camera control and access
• Originates Voice over IP (VoIP) conference calls and speakerphone
• Remote control and viewing of any other A/V devices anywhere in the home connected to the FiireEngine or other FiireStations

The FiireStation 1 was designed for easy installation on the VESA standard mounting already located on the back of most current displays, and can be mounted and connected by consumers or installed and configured by specialist installers.

Built on a custom PC platform, the features of the FiireStation 1" include the following:

• 1.5 GHz processor
• 512 MB of RAM, combined with a high performance graphic subsystem
• Runs the media client software of the LinuxMCE software suite
• Supports the Fiire Gyro motion controlled remote while hiding behind the display
• Sophisticated hardware accelerated video decoder/renderer that provides:
• Analog and digital video interfaces and resolutions from Standard Definition to 720P and 1080i
• Audio support of up to 7.1 channels via S/PDIF and 2 channels of 192/24 analog audio
• SureFiire Guarantee, which includes a no-hassle 60 day money back guarantee, assurance that Fiire will work with all your existing devices, and unlimited tech support from their 24/7 support center is offline   Reply With Quote