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Default Re: Ayre DX-5 at $10,000 is a rebadged $500 OPPO.

Originally Posted by stinger View Post
Capitan Stereo: If you intend to defend the indefensible, at least not to injure people who think differently. I wonder if you might be able to perform a blind audio test between the teams, OPPO BDP-83 Special Edition Blu-ray Disc Player vs. Ayre DX-5
Think about it before criticizing .... Or you have already lost U.S. $ 10,000 ????.....
I own the Oppo as a matter of fact and had the privilege of taking home on loan the DX-5. It wasn't close. My little Oppo is a great player, as everyone knows. But the Ayre crushed it sonically and it wasn't close. Visually it was closer because of course, Ayre uses the core video components of the Oppo (which they have been very frank about and very complimentary to Oppo about, unlike Lexicon for example who truly did just rebadge it). BUT, the Ayre was still better and why you ask? Well, power supplies do matter, and internal circuit/component layout does matter, and it added up to the Ayre having a somewhat cleaner picture. No insult to the Oppo. So does owning the Oppo, bringing home the Ayre and directly comparing it to the DX-5 count as a valid comparison in your view?
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