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Default Re: Analog Audiophile

Well, I've read a dozen or so of Bill's blog posts. He seems to feel that music of any kind sorta became digital crap around 1984 and there's been nothing redeemable released ever since. That's too bad, because I think a lot of digitally-posted audio sounds excellent (along with a lot of over-processed junk which, let's face it, WAS the '80s new wave sound). But no one can tell me that all recordings made in the last 20 years with super-clean mics, digitizing rigs and mixdown systems sound monochromatic and sterile compared to similar efforts of 30 years ago (especially since I've actually done some recording and mixing of digital audio using ProTools myself). That's like saying Edison's sound rolls are superior in tonal accuracy than the magnetic tape that eventually succeeded them. Oops, I think he does think that.

Still, I applaud anyone who takes the effort to blog their feelings and ideas on a regular basis; it's extremely hard work and very time-consuming. On the other hand, there is a (fair) notion that many bloggers are navel-gazers who find their own voices charming. I'll leave it to other readers to decide where on the value spectrum these analog blogs belong.
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