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Default Re: What are the main differences between Blu-ray players?

# The difference between Blu-ray and HD DVD players was once huge when it comes to cost. Blu-ray players were mostly in the $800 range, while you could find HD DVD players for less than $200. Since Blu-ray is the sole format supported by manufacturers, the price is likely to fall.
# Because Blu-ray uses superior compression methods, it can fit even a long movie on one disc, while an HD DVD could require two discs. Blu-ray offers double and triple the storage of HD DVDs.
Video Performance
# Some experts argue that HD DVD offers a slightly better video quality, while others say it's a draw. The average viewer will probably not see any difference between Blu-ray and HD DVDs when it comes to video performance.
Audio Performance
# Although the audio quality for HD DVDs is good, you can expect a better sound experience from Blu-ray. This is due to stronger support for Blu-ray's high-resolution audio formats.
# The list of available titles for Blu-ray is much larger than for HD DVD, since Blu-ray has won out. Few, if any, newer movies are released for HD DVD. Most movies are released in Blu-ray.

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