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Default Re: Where do you buy your Blu-Ray movies?

Originally Posted by James_1995 View Post
I bought all of my Blu-Ray movie online. Most of them at and some at Amazon. The prices are really cheap. Best Buy just recently opened up in my home town and I was really excited until I seen the prices of the movies. They were going for 30 to 35 dollars. I will continue to stick to buying movies online. No questions asked!!!
I buy most of my Blu-ray flicks from Best Buy too, i dont like to shop online and then wait for it to arrive no matter if the price is cheaper i just like to feel and see for my self what im buying and when i buy it go home and at that moment watch my movie.
i never bought anything online so all that amazon,ebay cheaper prices everybody talks about on the net im a complete virgin on that ha.
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