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Default OPPO BDP-83 Bluray player

I signed up to be one of the early purchasers of this player. I confess that I bought my first and only, Philips BluRay from Target, at Christmas time and found it to be OK. Of course, I was an early adopter of the extinct, Toshiba HD-DVD player, also. Anyway, the Philips player has performed fairly well and the other annoyances (slow loading, etc) that people complain about seem tolerable - who cares how long it takes to load the disk (within reason)? Having said all of that, the BDP-83 is incredible - got mine a week or so ago. The video, even on standard DVDs is amazing. I have not used all the features, yet, and I am not the most critical or demanding customer - I say Oppo has a winner, here! Highly recommended!

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