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Arrow '90's Pioneer Elite Value


Long time listener, first time poster. About three years ago, a very kind older gentlemen just up and GAVE me his whole Pioneer Elite set of components, which included an incredibly heavy amp, seperate receiver, laserdisc player, and one other one i cant think of. He's was going to donate it to goodwill!!! I didn't have room for it, but he literally said if I didn't take it, he was giving it away. He was very, very well off, obviously, and was upgrading to the latest, greatest. It has to be from the '90's, seems more like an old school audio amp with very limited video capabilities. I need to sell this to put food on my table (not a figure of speech, actual FOOD) this week, and I have a feeling I'm sitting on something that could really help us out. Could you experts give me a ball park on this so I don't get taken on this one? EBAY, or craigslist? Thank you very much. This will really, really help. I'm taking pics to add in a minute here
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