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Default Re: Why HD DVD and Blu-ray Need You To Be an Early Adopter Now

Originally Posted by redfootball View Post
Surround sound? I can do that quite nicely with the sound fields on my old Sony. I have never attended a concert with guitar and strings coming from in back of me and suspect I never will.
If ALL music recordings are supposed to be accurate replicas of live concerts, then ALL recordings would be produced only during live performances... which is obviously NOT the case.

One of the primary advantages of spending buttloads of money in a professional recording studio, is the ability to capture separate tracks that can be mixed into the highest potential of each musical expression.

AND... if an artist or producer wants to extend their creativity beyond the limitations of 2 speakers, to place us "inside the band"... I am VERY interested in experiencing their creative visions.

Because for me, "music" is an "art form" that stimulates the emotions... NOT an exact "science" that satisfies the mind.

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