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Default Re: SACD and DVD-Audio, Doomed Formats?

Should change this thread to "SACD's" Wow more coming". Just got my 8/27 newsletter from 5 new Stevie Ray
Vaughn SACD's from MOFI coming over the next few months plus around 30 others with TBD dates.

Terms like doomed and obsolescence don't always mean the same to everyone. I have a 32 year old Maytag washer my neighbor laughed at and said that thing is obsolete. Really? It still works. I take a hammer to the motor now and then and it still washes clothes.Amazing! I grew up in West Virginia where the satellite dish replaced the Robin as the official state bird but there are still Robins flying around. Are they doomed or endangered just because they are out-numbered by satellite dishes? No.

I've always viewed obsolescence as when something is no longer usable for an individual not when somebody says it's obsolete
or doomed (hate that word). SACD's? Still usable. LP's? Still usable. CD's? Still usable. Cassettes? Still usable. 8 Track? In West Virginia probably more than a few still usable and I dare you to tell a hillbilly sitting in his 64 chevy pick-up with the 8 track blaring and a loaded 16 gauge on the gun rack that his tape deck is doomed! Dude, like where is the iPod port? Yeah right.

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