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Thumbs up Re: Are Rear Projection HDTVs the best value?

I tend to agree with AudioGuy2007 on this one Enoch, but not because of the sexiness or cool factor. I`ve always been a quality guy first. And this discussion on Rear Projection HDTV`s is great. Because, I firmly believe people forgot about them because of their size, weight, and I guess, lack of cool factor.

But isn`t that how our AV industry is. Convenience, cool, sexy and convenience, takes the place of quality and craftmanship, in most cases. As fars as reviews, I don`t know what magazines you read outside of But, I find in Home Theater, The Perfect Vision, that they seem to review a good amount of each format. Its a matter of what format, DLP, LCOs, LCD, PLASMA, SXRD, D - ILA (JVC), Rear Projection HDTV, fits your room and lighting conditions. How you plain to use your set. Each format clearly has its pluses and weaknesses. That is what it really comes down to.
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