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Thumbs up Re: Samsung Dual format player in October?

kennyt, I just read the announcement that Audiogeek_00 posted on the BD thread. My concern was pricing, like you said kennyt, and also, the feature set. Whether it will have most, if not ALL the most important features and functions of both formats. Whether it will have true Dolby and DTS HD. Similarly, whether it will playback SACD, DVD - A, standard DVDs, and standard, red book cds.

This would then make the Samsung a TRUE "Universal Player" for all formats. Then, we would be on to something. Then, once all preamp - processors and home theater receivers have enough HDMI inputs and outputs, along with 1.3, we can stop the madness, go shopping, invite the mass consumer in, and really cash in on the best that video and audio have to offer at this time. What do you think??
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