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Default Re: Best Sounding Speakers According to Scientific Tests

Let's take the Way-Back machine and see how little this test really means. And I say this with great respect for the long hours of work and planning that went into it. I am delighted that people are finally getting around to listening again!

Way back in the '70's, my friend Gregg and I used to stay till almost dawn at Diener Stereo in Champaign, IL, trying to use the Advent speaker "comparator" switcher to give our clients a chance to listen between all of our speakers at equal volumes, so they'd pick the right speaker for their own personal taste. Trouble is, you can't even do an absolute volume match. You could play pink noise and balance the volumes with test equipment, and the total SPL could read exactly the same for two speakers. Then you play organ music on it and the speaker that has deeper bass plays louder, and louder almost always wins in a demo. Play another recording that favors other frequencies and the other speaker is louder. Take two identical pairs of speakers and adjust one pair slightly louder and it will win, or the slight difference in room placement will turn the two identical pairs into entirely different speakers...

Now try to compensate for the dynamics differences, dispersion, and the 20 other major qualities, and you still haven't touched the interaction of the amp or the room acoustics or the quality and balance of the recording.

All this being said, listen to enough speakers on your favorite, well-recorded music, and you'll find your own preferences. Just stay open, and don't fall in love with a speaker, or you'll never be objective again!

The first thing you need to do is to find out what qualities of music turn you on the most and make you fall into the music the quickest. Go to lots of acoustic live events and learn what your favorite music sounds like for real.

Then go back to the showroom and flip the switch in your head that says that it's OK to expect a pair of speakers to sound like you're listening to the real thing. Suddenly, the speakers you like most will be much more obvious.

Good luck, all of you.


PS- If you find a speaker that does everything well, it will appeal to a wider range of listeners. If you pick a speaker for yourself because someone else says it's the best, you're due for a long spell of listening frustration, unless you listen exactly the way your mentor does. -PS

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