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Default Re: what you think about real music

I have different tastes for different locations in my life based on the system I happen to be around or listening too.

For the best system (LR) the ELectras BE really make acoustic guitar come through along with trumpet and strings.
Not so much hard rock since it's such a brite and revealing setup. Miles Davis is decadent, even 50 y/o recordings sound like yesterday. The brushes on Herbie Hancock "River" are unreal. I love strings like jazz bass via a bow.
Classical (symphony) is a bit rough as it's so revealing I hear a lot of tape hiss from such ambient halls. The devil is in the details with a setup like this! 200 watts really drive these hogs effortlessly and bring the imaging to a whole new level (reach out and touch)

For the car, industrial (KMFDM, Skinny puppy) sounds nasty, 4 ch amp with sub. I like the harder stuff while driving.
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