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Cool Re: What is better, Blu-ray or HD DVD?

Everyone here has made some excellent points. Especially kennyt and tigeraudio2007, but like bryan562, this whole thing just needs to end. Batman Begins was a great movie I thought, and had me almost going to the Toshiba HD DVD camp. But as mentioned before, these two corporations, Toshiba and Sony, and not going to back down anytime soon. Which just makes a purchasing decision even harder. There should not be a decision to make.

Make no mistake, the picture and sound are marvelous. But factor in the expense, like kennyt said, then to get the true benefits from your player, your receiver or preamp - processor should have HDMI and 1.3. Then, you can truly go on a roll. But with two formats, you can not. And, most of us are not as blessed as kennyt is, to have the abundance of digital sources that he has.

As far as the greed factor, well, no one wins when you leave the decision, or no decision, up to the consumer.
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