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Question Marantz SR 6400 RX130 and Aux not working

Hello Experts,

I have a Marantz6400 and B&W speakers. the system sounds pretty good and I love the system. But one of the reasons why I went for the 6400 was the RX130 blue tooth receiver so that I can play music through my PC and phone through blue tooth. However, when I do so the music comes out of only one of the front speakers in stereo mode. If switch the mode to mono and certain surround modes, then it works but not otherwise. Similar issue when I use a cable (the red, yellow and white --is it component or S video cable ? always get confused) to connect my laptop to the receiver through the AUX ports in the front. Again music only through one of the speakers. Did anyone encounter this kind of an issue? Please let me know if there are any troubleshooting that I can do. I have tried changing all kinds of settings in the setup menu.
Thanks for any tips
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