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Default Re: Are Rear Projection HDTVs the best value?

It is pretty hard to beat CRT's on quality. But, ..., I sure do and don't miss my old 20 inch CRT computer monitors. They were huge and heavy. One was so big that when I brought it home from work, to replicate my docking station setup completely, I found I couldn't fit it on my (cheap) home computer desk and I had to take it back to work. Argh. I still had an apple 20 inch for years, but just gave it away. Could barely lift it.

I do still use a CRT TV. But, they use a lot of energy compared with LCDs. All of my computers use LCDs now (or my old wiring couldn't take the load, given that everyone in the house has to have one (or in my case more) computers.

Luckily, we are basically a 1 TV family, though recently the kids set up a game console in the basement ona 2nd CRT, an old Hitachi "flat screen" 20 inch CRT. Bought in 1985. Works great.

Yeah, I'd like a 40-42inch 1080p (hey, why not 120 MHz) with HDMI 1.3 that works, a receiver to talk to it (no room for separates in the AV area) and a universal/upscaling/Blueray/HD-DVD player with audiophile specs. But, it is just a vain hope given the current economic climate.

Makes me glad I didn't pay retail on my 2-channel system, or the college funds would really be empty.

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