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Default Re: What is better, Blu-ray or HD DVD?

While KennyT makes some excellent points, I have to say that HD DVD is better. While it does have less storage space (30GB compared with BR's 50GB), I like their player lineup. As for software, KennyT is right, hit or miss with titles. Superman Returns looks terrific on HD DVD. The Blu-ray version however looks very washed-out and for lack of a better word, blurry.

Blu-ray needs the extra disc space because they pack their discs full of processor intensive extras. I mean, honestly, who cares about Liar's Dice? I didn't understand it in the movie, I didn't understand it at the Pirate's blast-off party and I still don't really get it. All it does it give gamers something to do on their PS3 while ****ing off the consumers because they unable to play BD-Java discs on their standalone players.

HD DVD is nice and simple. Once you get past the first-gen players, things seem to be fairly decent for the format's offerings.

Honestly though, it is tough to get mass consumers to switch from one disc format to another disc format. It was easier when going from VHS to DVD. Analog to Digital. But now all they are doing is giving us a whole new format for increased video/audio resolution that requires loads new electronic gear (for true realization of the format's offerings) and the industry can't even decide which format to give us. They are letting us, the consumers decide. Perhaps they would have had a much better chance for convergence if they were to just pick one format and go with it. Format wars didn't help DVD-Audio or SACD any, now did it?

For now I will stay with my well built DVD collection.
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