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Default Re: What is better, Blu-ray or HD DVD?

I agree with Dr. Ken, a great Blu-Ray movie looks as good as a great HD-DVD movie.
The larger capacity & better DRM as well as more studio support means Blu-Ray will eventually come out on top.
From what I've heard the new DRM (Java?) is unique to each disc, when some one cracks the code on The Fifth Element that's all they've done, they will have to start from scratch on Spiderman 3.
That's going to be a huge draw for the studios.

I have a PS3 so I have around 50 Blu-Ray movies, I would love to see HD-DVD die a quick death so I can get every movie I want on Blu-Ray but unfortunately the greed of these big corporations mean that's not going to happen anytime soon.
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