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Default Re: HDMI cables, expensive vs cheap

Originally Posted by Daniel-a View Post
Last year I bought a Sharp Aquos at BB. The saleman gave me a cheap hdmi cable.

While watching tv, the picture became distorted ( top 2 inches) everytime there was ads.
I was puzzled. Tv set defective only for ads?

I decided to use the hdmi cable that came with my oppo plaver. No more distorted pictures.
Maybe there was bad connection. So I tried again the cheap cable. Distortion came back.

So much for picture or no picture with hdmi cables.
That is a well known issue especially with SD commercials. The reason why there are areas at the top of the picture is that is the area where they send digital data in a analog picture which gets converted to noise when merged into a HD picture frame. I would guess the reason why one worked better than the other was a change in overscan that happened along with the cable change. If you had distortion all of the time, you could be right in suspecting the cable, but on only commercials where this anomaly is well known to us that have an overscan free TV, I doubt it. Digital signals are a go-no go issue for the most part.

But if you found a solution that works for you, that's a good thing. Does the cheap HDMI cable work ok with the Oppo?
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