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Default Re: HDMI cables, expensive vs cheap

It's not entirely as simple as so many like to make out, although it's close.

There are advantages to buying higher quality cables in some instances.

HDMI cables easily slip out of their connectors. A self-locking cable will prevent this from happening. HDMI cables have many fine pins, and once one gets bent, as sometimes happens when they are re-connected frequently, the cable is then unusable. Things are even worse if the connections on the component itself becomes damaged. I've known of manufacturers to refuse warranty claims regarding damaged component HDMI connectors.

I've frequently seen longer runs of HDMI properly pass 1080p, but merely substituting a better cable has cleared up this issue.

There are no differences in image or sound performance between quality and low-quality cables at short runs, like we've grown accustomed to seeing with analog interconnects. For simple reliability and for longer runs, it can make sense for some to get better built cables.

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