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At the beginning of June I decided to record many of my cds on my new ipod.Since I had 2 months to do this I figured it would give me a chance to get reacquainted with some of my favorite records.Imagine my horror when I slipped my Howard Hanson on Mercury Living Presence cd and no sound came out.I took out the cd and saw that the cd had...disappeared. The aluminum was GONE.I couldnt believe it.Later I stuck in my Emily Remler This Is Me cd.Once again no sound and no aluminum.I was ****ed.Perfect sound forever?Later on I tried to play/record my Stan Getz The Bossa Nova Years.3 of the 4 Cds were missing part of the aluminum.Hell. this set had cost me $49.About 10 of my 400 cds had the aluminum gone.What the hell is this?None of these CDs were 20 years old.Ive got Cds that sound really good.The three I mentioned sounded Superb...When they existed.Ive got Lps that sound excellent.Of course I have a Stevie Wonder Songs To the Key Of Life that sounded awful as soon as I removed it from the packaging. But at least I can hear it,lousy sound and great music.Now Im worried about my Cd collection.What will happen in 10 years?Il would send these cds to their labels but Im sure those lying jerks will say It was my fault.Woe is me!!!
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