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Default Re: Help with Receiver Hook up to all these darn things?

Originally Posted by Matlackp View Post

So what is the best way to hook these up to each other and use the receiver for its maximum function? I was thinking:

- AT&T to Receiver via HDMI
- Receiver to TV via HDMI (but will I have sound from AT&T at the TV if the receiver is off....passthrough?)
- Blue Ray to Receiver via HDMI
- Wii - can you send it to receiver through components/rca or does it have to go directly to TV? How can I get sound into the receiver then...or can you?
- PS2 - can you send it to receiver through components/rca or does it have to go directly to TV? If it goes to TV then I can use the optical out on the PS2 to get sound to receiver right?
- does using the optical out from the TV back to the receiver help with any of this?
AT&T->Receiver =HDMI
Wii->Receiver=Component Video, Analog Audio (RCA's)
PS2-> Receiver=Component Video, Optical Audio (Toslink)
CD-> Receiver= Digital output (Toslink or dig Coax)
Receiver-> TV=HDMI

AND, since Sony Style didn't mention video upconversion in the specs for your receiver...

Note: you will have to change the TV input from HDMI to Component when using your PS2 or Wii. You may also have to go to the component input to view your on-screen menu from your receiver, if in fact you don't have upconverting. A macro sequence in a good universal remote control can solve this for you.

Your CD player will probably sound better through optical rather than analog because the DA converters are probably better in the Sony than your old CD player. It doesn't hurt to try them both ways and listen to decide for yourself.

Don't expect anything to work without the receiver being on. But ...why would you not want to use it?

Good luck with it, and check your menu settings carefully.
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