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Vinyl Rules! said
"IMO, SACD was simply a crass marketing attempt by Sony to extend their royalty revenue from the sliver discs after their CD patent expired. But like the entire recording industry, they got blindsided by iTunes and downloads. Consider this: One day's revenue from the iTunes store equals the total annual sales of SACD for 2008. Consumers have voted for convenience over sound quality and I find that sad."

Having been in EMM LABS, The company owned by Ed Meitner who fixed the SACD format for Sony, a few times, as well as having heard SACD in some of the best systems in Calgary, Including the Dual Format Rosemary Clooney album in both CD and SACD formats on EMM Labs equipment. In a price no object system. It is my considered opinion that not only is SACD superior to vinyl but also to CD.
If you have never heard SACD on EMM equipment , Hand crafted and No chips allowed, then you have not heard it as the SACD manufacturers want you to hear it.
All other SACD reproducers user much cheaper methods of re-production, and you get what you pay for.
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