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Default Re: Vinyl Outsells SACD and DVD-Audio combined in 2006

I think that SACD hybrid is fine for me, that way, you could listen to it on anything, any CD player, but not appreciate the SACD without A SACD player or universal disc player. I think that DVD-A has better sound quality, Have a Vince Gill DVD-A - (High Lonesome)--InCrediible, another dimension.
A DVD that I already had blew me away when I set it for DTS on my Oppo digital, it was like, they did not know the quality they were putting in there. DTS, DOlby or PCM stereo 88 bits, they all sound awesome. The average guy does not care about what his music sounds like, it is all the same to him I guess. I for one, would not want to go back to records. Would rather listen to Cassettes. Before I got my Oppodigital, I would make tapes of my CDs and either sell them or give them away.
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