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Default Re: Samsung Interference/Handshake issues using baluns

Hey guys, we are custom AV dealer having the same issues with HDMI baluns and long distance runs (>50'). After extensive research, hours of brain scrambling troubleshooting including cycling through 5 different brands of equipment spread across multiple different installation sites, we have come to the conclusion: HDMI licks harry &$*lls. The common solution that I have heard among several other installers is not to spec HDMI over distances greater than 50' (great solution being as HDMI will phase out every other option for HD huh?). We have had certain brand baluns work great in one site and terrible in another, we have had baluns work great for three weeks then never work again.....until we put the same unit in a different job and it worked fine.

A tech from Ehereal seemed to be familiar with this issue and suggested it might be a slight ground drop between the display and the source. His suggestion was to run coax with the center pin broken out between the display and the source's surge protector. We are going to give this a shot and see if resolves any of our issues. Anybody else see that this idea might create ground loop issues?

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