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Angry Re: Marantz HDMI Problem

The latest on the saga.

It has been 8 weeks since I sent my receiver (SR7002) and DVD player back to Marantz (D&M Canada). I phoned today and they are going to send the stuff back to me today, should arrive sometime next week, unfixed because "it works with there" . In the 3 years I have had the stuff I have been without the receiver for 23 weeks and the DVD player for 15 weeks. I must say that purchasing the Marantz was my biggest mistake in my 50 years in the hobby. The only time I hear anything is if I call and for the last 4 weeks the rep I have been talking to has been "going to speak to his bosses", today he tells me that they are away. He made the offer that when the new model comes out if I pay the difference I can upgrade to that one which has HDMI 1.4, I've already spent $2000 so what's another $400!

If the Marantz receiver had HDMI handshake problems with only my TV or only the projector I would figure it might be that piece of equipment, but it's both. What I find baffling is the everything works if I leave the receiver out of the mix. The satellite receiver, DVD player and WD Media player will all work with the TV. Put the receiver into the mix so I can have good sound and easy switching and nothing works properly. Especially the DVD which won't work at all. I even tried a different brand of DVD player and it still didn't work.

I guess you can tell that am not impressed!
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