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Default Re: 5.1 music with NO picture

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Like kennyt, listening to music only, needs no help or assistance. The fact that you now have 5 channels instead of two, would only make the experience more intense to listen to.
Isn`t that why we all love the music??!! I think we all forget that after you buy the equipment, review it, coddle it, maybe rever it, its about the listening experience, or its all for naught.
True that.

I certainly understand why many people with Home Theater systems use them primarily for "video" entertainment.

But some of the BEST music ever recorded, was created prior to the "video revolution"... and these artistic masterpieces also deserve the sonic realism of the latest-greatest technology!

If I only had one hour left to live... I would much rather cue up a 24/192 re-master of Sgt. Pepper, than watch Gigli on a Blu-ray disc.

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