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Talking Re: Which speaker cable is best?

Originally Posted by barfle View Post
That's just sick!

As far as I can tell (and I've been LISTENING to speakers for forty years), almost any heavy guage wire over a short distance will be as good as you can get. I try to have my amps close to the speakers (although I still haven't sprung for powered tri-amped speakers, that IS something I drool over) and run 12 or 14 guage wires.

The original poster noted that there was a concern over hiding the wires. What I've done in my HT is make the entire front wall except the screen out of speaker cloth, and I hid my Altec E8s, the amps and the wiring al behind that. Everything is invisible.
Although, I, too, use 12 guage wire, though I doubt it is necessary for any but very long runs. Considering the total resistance of the wire, its very small. I like welding cable, its very flexible. Gotta admit, thick wire looks good, even on spark plugs!
I do like thicker cables in interconnects, because they don't get tangled very easily. Again, they also look nice. But I get them from or Blue Jeans Cable in Seattle, WA.

There was a double blind testing of a score of speaker wires, one of which was to be a joke - coat hangers welded together. Upon checking the results, which were all over the place and fairly equalized, and also showed the coat hangers receiving as many positive votes as any of the others, with comments like, "superior breadth of response, phenomenal dynamics, the most accurate staging, ad nauseum. But, hey, this stuff allows fools to get attention and to wax poetic over a cherished subject dear to their pea pickin' hearts!!
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