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Talking Re: Which speaker cable is best?

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
When I was at Best Buy this past weekend, I actually saw that monster is now making power cords for your washer/dryer.
It made me laugh. . . these scammers just don't know when to quit.
Hey, Monster Cable knows that "a fool is born every minute", and don't forget, "you can fool all of the people.......} Those sayings alone describe a population which made Mr. Lee very rich, with several Fararris, etc.

And it keeps marketing hypesters employed! And laughing all the way to the bank. They know their audience, they know they are susceptible to the power of suggestion, that they are insecure, that their priorities are upside down and backwards. That ignorance can be bliss, that the are not versed in scientific testing -- their ancestors bought copper bracelets and patent remedies from charlatans, and swore they felt better. Some of them are still buying that stuff when some promoter gets their attention!!
Oh, almost forgot, "fools and their money are soon parted."

If fools were just as successful getting their money's worth, etc., then what would be the rewards, monetary and otherwise, to being wise, or practice sound judgment? There would be little incentive to really use one's mind.

Dave Ladely
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