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Default Re: Which speaker cable is best?

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
When I was at Best Buy this past weekend, I actually saw that monster is now making power cords for your washer/dryer.
It made me laugh. . . these scammers just don't know when to quit.
That's just sick!

As far as I can tell (and I've been LISTENING to speakers for forty years), almost any heavy guage wire over a short distance will be as good as you can get. I try to have my amps close to the speakers (although I still haven't sprung for powered tri-amped speakers, that IS something I drool over) and run 12 or 14 guage wires.

The original poster noted that there was a concern over hiding the wires. What I've done in my HT is make the entire front wall except the screen out of speaker cloth, and I hid my Altec E8s, the amps and the wiring al behind that. Everything is invisible.
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