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Default Re: True Subwoofer Signature (Sunfire) No Sound

Originally Posted by pirates712 View Post
Hey- thanks for the detailed advice! When I plug it in, the red light is in fact on, however, both internal fuses are blown (very much so, as in molten metal stuck to the glass). Do the above suggestions still apply?

Then it's a lot easier. Your 13V is stable . Your op-amp is fine . All you need to do is check Q14-Q17 . The fuse will blow only if this transistor shorts. Remember to change the driver transistor as well. Q13 & Q18 . The unit should be restored.

As a caution check these diodes D10-D13 . D-10 has a resistor in parallel so it will read 39 ohms. The other diodes are 1N4148,replace all 4 even if one is short. Good luck to you .

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